What is The Best Penis Extender and How To Find It?


Many people believe in penis extenders in terms of a solution to increase the size of the penis and experience a better erection.  Products that come with reputed brands are capable of delivering better results while cheaply made alternatives cause unpleasant side effects.

Selecting the right kind of penis extender can be a challenging task for many people considering the large number of brands and models in the market. This article is composed for your reference before buying your penis extender.


how-to-choose-the-best-penis-extenderWhat to consider before buying a penis extender?

Like with any other product, there are certain things for you to consider before buying a penis extender. Such awareness would help you to avoid potential side effects and experience the best outcome for the money you spend.


  • Check if the materials are up to the standards

medical-devicesMaterials used to manufacture play a major role in defining the standard of a product. Penis extenders are considered to be medical devices and there is a system in the industry to grade medical devices based on the quality of the materials used.

Type 1 denotes the best kind of materials and they pose very low or zero hazardous aspects. So, be sure that you avoid devices that are made with cheap materials.


  • User ergonomics

The functionality of the penis extender should match the needs of difference clients.

Basically, these traction devices are made to pull the tip of the penis and exert the traction; they should not cause unbearable pain on your penis even on prolonged use. Reputed brands have manufactured their products to meet the convenient factor and prevent unpleasant side effects.


Penis extenders come with either a noose or a strap to hold the tip of the penis. Depending on the shape of the penis, you can select the best option; some users find noose option to be slipping off easily and they can go for strap option that covers more surface. Some reputed brands come with both of these options for the delight of the customers.


  • It should provide comfort

Comfort is another important aspect to consider when buying a penis extender. You should always remember that you are going to wear the device for quite a long time and if it is not comfortable, you will not be able to get the most of it.

However, most of the reputed brands come with a comfortable design to meet the comfort requirement of the users. The way of strapping play a major role; reputed brands come with multiple strapping options and some of them offer options as many as 16.


To maximize the comfort factor, good penis extenders come with additions like comfortable strap, protection pads, latex head grip (probably covered with fabric), silicon noose etc. Generally, such devices are made to match with all the shapes of the penises.


  • Clinically proven effectiveness

Using a medical device that has not undergone any clinical experiments is a pretty risky approach. The device you are aiming to purchase should be clinically tested and verified that they are appropriate for human use.


  • Offers a great guarantee

penis-extender-guaranteeOne of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of the product is the type of the guarantee it offers. If you can go for a product that offers money back guarantee, that is the best option.


What are the top 5 penis extenders in the market today?

Mentioned here penisextenderadvice.com are some of the best penis extender brands for your reference. Each of these products has unique characteristics.


#5 – X4 Labs

They offer a great money back guarantee for the extenders they sell. A 6-month satisfaction guarantee coupled with a lifetime warranty is offered as a guarantee of satisfaction. Their devices have undergone a range of clinical tests to confirm the functionality. They come in different packages to select depending on the requirement and the budget.


#4 – Jes Extender

Jes Extender is the result of the experiments carried out by a group of Danish medical experts. They have ensured to apply many strategies to maximize the natural penis growth and make it a permanent one. Many clinical experiments are carried out pertaining to this product too. They use top quality materials to manufacture this effective extender.


#3 – Phallosan

This particular product comes with the belt, outer sleeve and the penis cap sleeve. Although the price is on the higher side, it is capable of offering effective results. However, the manufacturer does not offer you a cushion ring for penis; you have to buy it separately.


#2 – Vimax System

Usage of finest materials and convenient design are capable of adding a great value to this product. Many customers have left their reviews mentioning the goodness of Vimax system. It is designed to maximize the size of the penis and enhance the erection.


#1 – SizeGenetics

The top most position of this list goes to SizeGenetics due to obvious reasons; it is given 10 stars out of 10 by experts, a large number of positive feedbacks, usage of finest materials, comfort, guaranteed results or your money back and whatnot.