All About Penis Stretching – Benefits vs. Potential Side Effects

Using a penis stretcher is identified to be the most recommended technique used to enlarge the penis. As per the researches, penis stretchers show remarkably effective results than most of the alternative methods. Most of the penis stretchers are clinically proven to be effective. Because of the practically evident results of these devises, their popularity continues to rise. However, if you are interested in buying a penis enlargement device, it is always better to know the way it functions.  Having a basic idea about the functionality of these devises will help you to see if they match your requirement and the lifestyle.


penis-stretching-deviceWhat are penis stretchers?

Penis extenders work using the force of traction; depending on the model, a silicon tube or a strap will be used to hold the penis with the device.

The penis is expected to reach the bottom of the device and the device should perfectly fit on the base of the object.

The part that will fit in to the base of the penis will consist of 2 steel rods and both of these rods are generally loaded with springs. However, the material used to manufacture these rods will depend on the model, brand and the price of the device. There are some fancy penis extenders made using precious materials like gold.


The plastic support piece is made to slot into the metal rods (this supportive piece is located right below the head of the penis). The silicon tube of the device (or the rubber strap) will go through the plastic support portion; it also helps the device to fit the penis firmly and accurately on the desired place.


In terms of added comfort, a good penis extender comes with support like protective foam materials. As you experience a growth in your penis, you might have to make the device bigger; you can address such need just by adding more metal rods to the device.


how-does-penis-stretching-workHow do the penis stretchers work?

Like any other part of the human body, penis is made of millions of cells. When the penis is stretched for a certain period constantly, these cells will start to divide and multiply.

Despite the fact that penis is not a muscle, the strategy is pretty similar to the way you build your body muscles at the gymnasium. When the exercises are offered on continues basis, the tissues will tear; the repairing process then will take place making the penis to grow bigger and stronger.


The growth of the penis (both the length and the girth) will remarkably increase over the time as the cells start to multiply. In fact, the increased physical size is not the only benefit you can enjoy using a penis stretcher; as a result of the constant stretch, your penis may have increased blood flow with eventually brings better and strong erection that lasts longer.


When using the right kind of stretcher, you can experience a comfortable stretching experience even on the long run. When you select a stretching device, it is always important to see if the respective device is backed with some clinical experiments.


penis-stretching-resultsResults you can experience from the right kind of penis stretcher

  • Increased length of the penis
  • A better girth
  • Curvature Straightening
  • Better erection that lasts longer
  • Maximized sexual libido
  • Promotes your sexual confidence


Potential side effects of penis enlargement devices

  • Injuries to the penis

Due to two reasons you may experience injuries to the penis.

  • Neglecting the instructions

If you wear the stretcher more hours than the recommended duration, you will start to experience minor injuries of the penis. After each session of stretching, your penis need some time to repair the torn tissues. So, you must adhere to the instructions offered by the manufacture without fail.


  • You have selected the wrong product

If you end up with a wrong type of the product (which doesn’t have the guarantee of a professional medical expert), you might be a victim of minor injuries. Cheaply made penis stretchers with low quality materials may cause injuries as well as infections. Therefore, you must be wise enough to pick a product that has some reputation.


  • Reduced blood flow  

Again, this can happen if you end up with the wrong product that has no clinical backup. Carelessly made cheap penis stretchers are capable of reducing the blood flow towards the penis. It will be painful and cause adverse effects later on. However, if you end up with the right kind of product, such risk can be effectively eliminated.


What to consider before buying a penis enlarger?

  • Comfort is a very important aspect. Make sure that you avoid uncomfortable devices at the first instance
  • The device must be durable. Avoid devices that has cheap materials; it will be just a waste of money to buy such devices. They are not disposable devices, you must remember.
  • Rely on a brand that has reputation.

Myths and Truths Behind Penis Enlargement

The burning question is can it be done? Can a penis be made bigger beyond the inches that have been genetically pre-determined?

Fair to say, nothing is impossible; where there’s a willy there’s a way!




Your penis can be made bigger, there are quite a few methods you can try in an attempt to achieve enlargement of, what you presumably perceive as, your under-sized penis.

OK, let’s go for it, let’s see if we can unravel the myths and truths behind penis enlargement. Here then is a menu of options:

  • Surgery
  • Exercises
  • Pills and supplements
  • Penis extenders

Penis Enlargement Surgery

If your preference is for surgery then you must be a desperate boy, surgery really has to be the last port of call … intrusive and not without the risks of complications. Please don’t go there unless it’s the absolute final solution on offer and, backed by your GP!


Penis Exercises

There are many exercise that you may be well advised to try before committing to any other course of ‘treatment’. These exercises generally call for massage and perhaps the application of a soothing cream or gel; this is a good opportunity, maybe, to include your partner in productive and erotic foreplay?

The various massages of the gentile region include specific techniques, the details of which are readily available on a number of excellent web sites. As always check out customer reviews and the company’s history.

Be wary of any treatment that involve attaching weights to your penis, could be a result beyond eye-watering!


Male Enhancement Supplements

Pills and supplements are for most a sensible non-aggressive option for penis enlargement. The usually natural remedies can be taken on their own or to complement some other strategy such as massage.

There’s a wealth of products out there for you to try. Herbal type remedies often will contribute to overall health whilst increasing blood flow to the penis and improve semen production. For example the shrub, mucuna pruriens, a tropical legume native to Africa and tropical Asia, has long been used as a traditional medicine; it is believed to contain aphrodisiac properties and qualities to help alleviate the effects of many disorders, dysfunctions and diseases such as Parkinson’s.



Pills and supplements can prove most beneficial to your overall wellbeing and at the same time help to increase the size of your manhood.

However before taking any pills or supplements always take professional advice from a GP, who will have access to you medical history and be able to point to any ingredients that may cause you to suffer side effects.

Remember, it may take some experimenting to discover the precise supplement that works for you, be patient and persevere.

penis-extenderPenis Extenders

Penis extenders, in various seemingly tortuous designs, do work for some diminutive penises. The extenders are generally far less aggressive then they first appear, usually comfortable and easy to operate. A penis extender could well prove to be your answer, in which case it’ll be well worth a try.

Of course you really must follow the instructions, be too ambitious and, yes, you could very well extend your penis but, also … end up in A&E!

Well that concludes our list of, shall we say, bone fide options for penis enlargement. It really is now up to you to decide which route to take; before you take the plunge ask yourself this question, ‘Should I be doing this?’

Should I be doing this?

If you are currently in a loving tender relationship and enjoying great sex then the answer is probably no!

However, I must add a caveat to the ‘surgery’ section; it may well be that you have some physical disorder that can only be fixed by a medical procedure or operation, in which case you are left with little or no options.

Taking surgery out of the equation, we are left with ‘exercises, pills and extenders’.


It makes sense to eliminate these options one at a time, starting with the least intrusive, massage, and working towards the more daring last option, penis extenders.

Massage is really a no-brainer, cost friendly, non-invasive and could even help heighten the whole sexual experience.  If it doesn’t work, or you only have centimetres of success, you should complement, or replace your massage therapy with supplements or pills. Not forgetting that many supplements and pills may have other overall health benefits.

As for penis extenders, well they have be proven to work, so if you’re up for it, go for it; with a little caution. Extender therapy can be employed alongside or even replace massage and supplement treatments.

To reiterate; always consult with your GP before taking any pills or supplements.

In conclusion, with all these remedies it really can be a case of trial and error with an element of mix and match. Take your time, experiment and you will find an answer.

Good luck!